Monday, 29 April 2013

Bindhu the Indian village girl head shave -story

Bindhu is 25 years young girl from Indian village. Bindhu had 1 elder and younger brother. Her elder brother is in UK and so her parents went last week to there for 1 year. Bindhu her brother Naveen stay together in chennai. Anitha and Naveen is working in private concern. Her parents are looking alliance for Bindhu for past 2 years. But they are not getting a good match for her.

They had a family astrologer is trying to match lot of horoscopes but he couldn't match anything. Her parents are worry about her daughter marriage. And 2 years back he found some fault (Dosham) in Bindhu's horoscope also informed about this to her parents. They asking about anything need to compensate (Pariharam) for this Dosham, astro said yes, Bindhu should shave her head at tirumala. Her parents got shocked and they won't accept, also they are asking another way to solve, but the asto said this is the only way otherwise no chance. But they are not accept this. Bindhu also heard this she also refuse to shave.

Last month she got a good match everything went well, but in the last minute this alliance is dropped out. Everybody in her family sad about this, because this is the 4rd alliance got dropped  in the last minute for some reasons. After this Bindhu said I don't want to marry anyone so please don't force me again, please do marriage for Naveen. But her parents said no way Ani you are the elder so we need to complete your marriage then only we are think about his marriage. Naveen is love with his college mate. Bindhu know about this. But their parents not know. Naveen is just 1 year younger to Bindhu. So he is also eagerly waiting for Bindhu's marriage, then only he will speak about his love.

By the time Naveen is fiancee's came up with some problem, for her parents looking for alliance, so she informed her love interest to her parents. Initially they are against this but after some long conversation they accept this. They met Naveen and spoke about this. Byt they put one condition that is need to complete the marriage with in a year otherwise they will select other match for their daughter due to some family problems.Naveen said after her sister marriage only she will marry her daughter. Yes, this is your decision, but we are accept this but with in a year you should marry otherwise don't blame us. Naveen don't have words he said ok.

Finally Naveen parents also knows this, they also worry about this. Again they contact their family astrologer  again he said please compete her tonsure at tirumala, you will get a good alliance with in 6 months, otherwise no chance. They spoke to Anitha, and told about this, but she is not accept. But she loves his brother, so after the long hard decision she accept her tonsure, but this time Naveen is not accept. But she convince Naveen.They are planning to go to tirumala this weekend. She called her parents and said this, they are not happy but they said ok Anitha take care.

Anitha, Naveen and her fiancee Nirupama three of them starting to Tirumala. In the way Naveen said, Ani is this necessary to tonsure, because if you tonsure, if not getting any alliance in a year what will we do. She said correct, but we will try this also, because, if thinking later we could try this now. If it's workout we will happy otherwise leave this. They reach tirumala at 9AM in the morning and they got darshan in the evening. They went to their room and refresh for some time. After 2 hours they are going to Kalyanakatta for Bindhu's tonsure. Nirupama also not interest about Bindhu's tonsure. Once they reach the tonsure hall Naveen bought 1 ticket for Anitha. She is standing in the que. Ane she touches her long hair. There are lots of lady barbers sat and shave female head. She had tension, butterfly is flies in her stomach, because this is the first time she tonsure her head after 20 years. She is not remember her last headshave also. She is seen some of the girls and ladies are cutting their hair little bit, in her que she is the only young with long hair for headshave. This also her tension. She is watching the tonsure process. After 15 mins her turn. She free her hair and gave the hairband to Nirupama, and said it will not use for her other 1 year.

Then she sat in front of the lady barber Naveen gave the tonsure token to her. She is asking gundu / cut (tonsure or cut) Bindhu said gundu (Tonsure) then Bindhu gave her long hair to the women, she bend her head and pour water in her head. Bindhu feel sadly. She massage her long hair nicely. Her long hair is now completely wet. Then the barber put two knots, and barber insert a new half blade in the knife and bend her head again. Bindhu said Govinda, barber shave her middle part, Bindhu feels chillness in there head first time in her life. In her lap her hair is felt down. She look her hear and had a tears in her eyes. But she don't have any choice, by the time the barber shaves her left side and right side. She is now half bald, her front portion of the head is completely bald and back side the long hair then the barber shave backside of the hair also. In Bindhu's lap full of her hair. Once again baber completely shave her bald head.

Finally Bindhu stood up and came to Nirupama, and give her thuppata, Nirupama said it's cool Ani. Anitha said thanks, then she wash her bald head in the bucket of water. Some of the hair in her shoulder she clear with water. Naveen is watching this entire process. First time he look at Anitha with bald head. He took some pictures for bald head Anitha.

Next day in her neighbours are shocked Bindhu's look, she said it's vow. She sends her bald look photos to her parents. After 6 months she got a alliance. Now she had had a boy cut look. So there parent fix there marriage next year for Anitha and Naveen in same day.