Thursday, 18 April 2013

Brindha's Long hair cut short at parlor story

This is my true experience, it happened long back in my life.

When I went to Chennai for my work I was staying in a hotel.  And I was stayed in a week. Next day I went to customer place for officially. There I have seen a girl, her name is girisha. she only co-ordinated with me for my work. She is very beautiful. Especially her hair I love very much, because it's very shiny and long. She is having a hair upto her hip. I actually like her because of her hair, how ever she is also beautiful and homely girl. After 3 days we work together. The whole week I had a company with girisha at lunch time. Finally I am asking about her long hair. She said she maintains her hair for long time. When she is studying in 8th std itself she started growing it. Before that she had boy cut look, but she joined a Traditional dance then only she decided to start to grow her hair. After that she won't cut her hair. Then I said, I like your hair, she said, most of them like her longhair also some of the girls asking for the tips about her long hair. I smiled and said yes, obviously girls like long hair, so they eagerly asking about the secret of the long hair. She is also accepted. After a week I'm not interested to leave Chennai, because of Brindha. But I started to chennai, because my work is completed. However I am thinking about Brindha only for the next 3 to 4 months.

After 7 months gap I got a chance to travel to Chennai again, I eagerly started to see Brindha. This time I am planning to stay in Chennai for 3 weeks. Once I reached Chennai I refreshed in the hotel.  Next day I have reached the customer place. And I am searching Brindha, but her boss said she is on leave and will be back on day after tomorrow. I am disappointed, in the mean time other guy is helping my work. But I am eagerly waiting for Brindha. After 3 days she came, I got shocked, yes, she cut her hair to bobcut, I haven't believe her look. She smiled and asking how are you? I said I am fine, and I am asking how about you? she replied "fine", then I asking what happened to your long hair, she smiled and said, I cut it,  I questioned Why?, she replied, just for a change, but I won't believe, when are you cut your hair?, can you tell me the exact reason for your haircut. "vishal we will discuss about in our lunch break, because I have lot of work". she said Then I stop the topic and start my work, but I am literally watching her new look and thinking about her reason for her haircut.

In the lunchtime, again start the question, she said, I cut my hair 3 months back, actually I cut it very short, like boy cut, now it's grown unto my shoulder length. I can't believe her statement, and I am asking why? she said it's difficult to maintain such a long hair, also it's boring for past 9 to 10 years with same kind of hairstyle, also here the summer season, so I decided to chop my hair. Then I questioned, your parents won't said anything, she said, "no, they won't say anything because I have already discussed about this, so my parents accept, actually I am planning to cut my hair this weekend again". I can't believe but that is real. Then I questioned so you don't have any plan for grow longhair, she said may be after a year not now, as of now I am very comfortable with the short hairstyle. Next week again she comes up with boy cut, but this is the first time I am looking her in boy cut. She is very cute with this hairstyle. Her office also some of her friends appreciate her look. Next week I am leaving from Chennai. This time I don't have much interest about Brindha, but I like her haircut and her guts.

After 3 years I went to Chennai again, this time Brindha had mid back hair, but her last day in company. Then she said she got engaged last month and she is going to marry in 2 months time. In the lunch time again I started her hairstyle, she said because of her marriage only she grow her hair, after her marriage she will back to her boy cut look, her future husband also not bather about this. After this incident I haven't met her. But I thought she will be boy cut only.

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