Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Homely long hair girl Nithya Hair cut story

At the time 9 pm Nithya just  came inside the bus, and that some of them only in the bus. So she had a seat. She sat in the vacant seat. After 15 mins the bus started from Chennai to Madurai. She thinking about her bad things happened in her life. By the time conductor given the tickets to the passengers, she also took the ticket to Madurai. And her cell phone was ringing, her friend nithya calling, she answered I am in the bus so I will reach at 7 am. Next her one girl with shohrt hair sitting, she smiled with Nithya, and she is asking Nithyas name, she indroduced herself, after that she Nithya said you are looking cute with this hairstyle. She replied thanks.

After 4 hours the bus is stopped for dinner, at the time 2pm, all of them from the bus starting for their midnight dinner, Nithya and her next seat girl also starting. Nithya remove her clip from her hair, she actually put bun in her hair. Once she removed her clip her long waist hair is free, girl is looked her hair and said, wow you are looking gorgeous with long hair, it’s awesome, Nithya smiled and said, thanks, and the girl said, this is your unique identity. She again smiled and said thanks. After their dinner both of them went to the bus and slept well.  But Nithya is not sleep, she is thinking again her life, because, her step mother torture like anything, once she got married only she thought she escaped from the torture, but after 6 months his husband died with accident, so again she got tortured with her mother in law, they are very rich family, so all of the assets are after his husband everything came to Nithya, so they trying to kill Nithya, but she narrowly escaped from the attempt, so she decided all the assets she gave to mother in law family, but they again trying to kill Nithya, that’s why she escaped from their house and going to Madurai to her friend place.
Next day morning her friend waiting in the busstand, Nithya saw her nithya and she said hi, both of them hugged eachother, Nithya is crying, she convince her. Then both of them taking the auto and going her hostel. And after that she took bath and change her cloth. When they are eating their breakfast nithya is asking what is your next plan, she said, I want to join any company, nithya said no problem, my company also one vacancy is there, I already inform to my  MD he said ok, if you come tomorrow also you can join. She smiled and she said, ok will go for purchase, I want to change my identity, because of mother in law’s family. She said, ok. After 15 mins they starting for shopping. Nithyas is wearing only churidars and sarees,  but now she bought jeans, t shirts, midis, skirts and other modern materiels. Then they came to the room and she tried all the dresses, everything is perfect for her. Also she bought one specs for her eye. That also she wear. Nithya said everything is good. Nithya said yes, but I want to change my hairstyle also, because if I wear modern dress also my hair will be the witness.  So nithya asked Nithya so do you want to cut your longhair, Nithya said yes, then both of them went to the parlour, Nithya said to the parlour lady I want to cut my hair short like anything. She said, ok, after ½ hour she came with new boycut look and wearing a specs. Nithya couldn’t recognize Nithya, because of her dress only she identified. Then she asking to nithya, how is my new look. She said good, then she asking why you have idea for cutting your hair, Nithya said, yesterday I saw one girl in the bus she had a boycut syle hair. She told me that my long hair is my unique identity, that’s why I want to change my hairstyle also I like her boycut. After that Nithya is maintain her hair with same kind of length, also she wearing all the modern dresses. For the past 3 years nobody coming and searching Nithya.

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