Monday, 22 April 2013

Indian girls hair cut at parlour story

Shriya and Preethi are twins. Both of them look like same. Both of them had long and Shiny black hair. They maintain long hair very well. Except their parents others can’t identify difficult. Sometimes their parents also confused their who is Shriya and who is Preethi. Both of them finished their college, and their parents searching alliance for both. It’s finally they got alliance, for 2 brothers, not twins. And finally they got marriage on with in the two months on the same day.

Both of them husband got confused their looks. So they finally decided they want change any one’s look.  Elder brother Vishal accept to change her wife’s that is Shriya’s look without Shriya’s confirmation. After this decision Vishal informed to Shriya to cut her hair short like bob or boycut. She got shocked, and said no way, because she loves her hair, and also she is asking for the reason. Vishal said his brother and himself confusing Shriya and Preethi’s look, so any one need to change their look, so we finally decided to cut your hair, she said I don’t want to cut my hair, pls ask Preethi to cut.
Next day his brother Vimal ask Preethi to cut her hair short. She also shocked about the decision. She is also not accepted this decision.  So all them meet in the evening. Finally Vishal said, we will put ballot for this, who’s name is coming in the ballot they need to cut their hair short. Both the sisters not accept for this. But Vishal and Vimal ordered for this and they mentioned both her names in the sheet and put it in to one small box, and they ask neighbor’s son to take one sheet. He also did the same thing.
In the sheet Shriya’s name is come. Shriya started crying, Preethi convince her sister and said Vishal to not to cut Shriya’s hair, plan any other way, but both the brothers not accepted, and said tomorrow is the last day to for haircut, if she is not cut her hair, we will shave any one’s head without their permission. Both of them got shocked about their decision. So finally Shriya said ok for her haircut. And also Vishal said Shriya need to maintains the same haircut for future also.
Next day morning Shriya and Vishal went to parlor for her haircut. Vishal inform to the beautician for boycut to Shriya. Shriya said she don’t want boycut she can ok for bobcut, but he said no way. By the time beautician ask Shriya to sit in the chair. She sat in the chair, beautician comb her  long hair, and took scissor and she put it into her neck and starts cut her hair shortly, she hide her face with her two hands and crying. Her long hair gone, she is now in now in chin length hair. Then the beautician starts cutting her front and both sides properly, and backside she put machine and she cut her hair very short. Vishal satisfied her short haircut. And finally her haircut is over. Beautician said its completed, she open her eyes and look at her face in mirror, she couldn’t recognize. One boy is sat in the chair. She touch her head, it’s all of her long hair gone. Then she came to Vishal. Vishal said you are awesome, so pls maintain same kind of hair length.
Then both of came to home, Preethi got shocked her sister’s haircut, and she said sorry to Shriya. Shriya said this is not your fault, what we can do for this. Not a problem because of my sister’s hair I sacrifice my hair. So you don’t worry, suddenly Preethi hug her sister and both of them cried. After her haircut both the family happily running their lives, there is no confusion about their look. Shriya maintains her hair boycut only. But Preethi cut her knee length to Mid length for Shriya. Her husband also not said anything for her haircut.


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