Monday, 29 April 2013

Indian Village girl hair cut story

Suchi was a village girl who had long beautiful hair and was very proud of it .She had friend called Muthu who studied first in school with her and later in college .Everyday after college Suchi and Muthu would sit near village river and talk ,slowly they fell in love with each other .Muthu also loved Suchi 's long hair
One day Suchi 's father came to know about this romance and locked up Suchi in home and not allowed to go college .Muthu was not seeing Suchi for many days in college and later on fromm friends came to know that her father had not allowed her to come to college so he decided that he will go her house and one day went to her house  .Suchi's father was there and asked why you have come Muthu honestly that he loved Suchi lot so he come for her

Suchi 's father got very angry with this and told Muthu that his family is from lower caste and he cant allow Suchi to marry lower caste person but Muthu said caste is not important but love and undertsanding is  but then Suchi's father asked Muthu how much money you have for which Muthu did not have answer he was from poor family and parents lived in small house  then Suchi''s father told that you only dont have money how will manage my daughter  so Muthu got disappointed and went away Suchi also felt sad

After some days Suchi's father got her married to nearby village landlord they were rich people but after marriage husband everyday was beating her and finally she came back to her home  her father also felt very sad

Muthu then went and had become big manager in city and was well settled

Then many years passed and one day in bus stop Muthu saw Suchi  who had now become weak and was not looking very beautiful  he smiled at her but she was very sad  after that from other friends Muthu came to know of what happned to Suchi .Then he went to Suchi house  this time Suchi was shocked to see him and welcomed him inside   Muthu told that  he came to know of what happened and still loved Suchi lot ,Suchi father was very happy to  hear this and told sorry for his earlier behaviour Muthu  said its ok

Muthu put one condition to marry Suchi ,Suchi father asked is it dowry but Muthu said no  he said for Suchi this is second marriage  so she needs to forget past so it is better if she changes herself  Suchi and father could not understand and asked to explain Muthu said she should forget past and look for new future and forget past memories also  so she should change her name and then change her hairstyle ,Suchi asked you always liked my hair  so Muthu said that yes thats why now we should start fresh life without past Suchi father also agreed to it but told him that first get married in village and then take her to city and she can change Muthu agreed to this and after some days  they got married and left for city

Suchi was very suprised at how big city was  Muthu told her about two conditions Suchi said yes so they went to notory office and got name change forms Suchi asked what is my new name to which Muthu told its Mythili  both of us then will have name with "R"  Suchi agreed and signed forms  now what about second condition Muthu asked  you remember  Suchi who had become Mythili said yes dear so he showed an actress photo who had boy cut style and said i want you like this so then dropped her to beauty parlour  she went inside and was waiting for some time she was feeling nervous as first time she was in beauty parlour after some time beautician asked to come and sit  and asked what you want Mythili showed photo of actress and said i want hairstyle like this  beautician saw photo and asked her are you really sure since you have nice long hair why you want to cut it off she said its for my marriage and love is more important than long hair   so beautician asked to sit on chair and covered her with towel and made her hair wet and started to chop off hair first time her hair was falling down and and she was feeling nervous and then styling began and it was finshed and now she had same hairstyle like actress in photo and then left the place she reached home and Muthu was very happy to see his wife modern slowly Mythili also liked herself in short hair cut
after that Muthu introduced his wife to his office friends and all as Mythili