Saturday, 27 April 2013

Indian women long hair tonsure story

Swapna is working in private company, she got married last year, and after her marriage also she continued her work. She had awesome long and thick black hair, because she maintains well. In her office everybody praise her hair. She had pride on her longhair. One of her colleague is 3 days before short her longhair, she surprised and said why you cut your such a longhair, she said it’s difficult to maintain longhair for working women, but Swapna said I am also working along with you but still I’m maintaining longhair, this is my passion and interest. She said that’s correct, but it’s difficult for me also I want to change my look.

After this discussion 4 weeks later Swapna felt with chicken pox, so she is on leave for 6 weeks. All of her collogues came and see her health condition. Her manager also extended her leave for 4 weeks again, because she is not took any unwanted leave for the past 3 yrs. But Swapna said to her manager I don’t want extra 4 weeks leave anyway I’m ok now. So I will be back on next Friday. So her manager also said ok. She also came Friday, with little tiredness, so her manager asks her leave early and comeback on Monday. So she went to half day. Monday morning Swapna is come, with little surprise. What is that????
Everybody in her office shocked her look, she is wearing red colour churidhar, and she covered her head with Duppata. Once she enters the office everybody came and ask to remover her thuppata, she also removes, she is with clean shaven head. Then her friends are asking “hey what happened to you, why you shave your long hair? Is there any vow? She calmly said, “No” and said due to my health condition I shaved my head. Her friend’s are little confused, and they asking the reason clearly.
Swapna said, when I felt with chickenpox, due to heat, so we consulted with our family doctor last week, when I went early on Friday, he suggested me to shave my head, because of such a long hair the heat will not control, also he said I want to maintain my hair very short for couple of years. Initially I am not accepted for this, but our doctor my hubby and my parent’s compulsion I decided to cut my hair or shave my head. My hubby preferred for headshave, So I am planning to trip for tirupathi or palani for my headshave, but I’m unable to travel this kind of situation so my hubby said pls shave your head at local saloon, and also suggested he will carry my hair to tirupathi or palani.
My hubby want to bring any barber for my headshave at my home, but nobody accept for coming to for tonsure, so finally yesterday early morning my hubby bring to near by local saloon. And I finish my headshave at the local saloon itself. And my hubby went to tirupathi after my headshave for put my hair. Also my hubby suggested me for shave my head after 2 months. Everybody got shocked her decision, and her friend is asking you are the role model for haircare, but now you are the bald lady in our entire office. We can’t believe this sudden change. Swapna said yes what you people can said is correct, in my headshave I cried a lot, because I lose my long hair, also I will not grow my hair for 2 years. I beauty is gone. But everybody convince Swapna, don’t cry what ever happened you are the beauty queen of our office, because after your headshave also you are beautiful with your bald head. Then only she stopped her crying and she smiled. Then nobody not rags about her bald head. After 2 months also she shaven her head. She don’t want grow her hair boycut length also for the 2 years, then her family doctor told no problem you can grow your hair. Then only  she grow her hair, but she maintains her hair with boycut style. But she had sweet memories about her longhair everyday.