Thursday, 18 April 2013

Sukanya's head shave decision made her bald - head shave story

Sukanya joined new company, she joined in finance department. So first day of her introduction, she mingled with everybody, and all of them asked about her bald head. Because she is currently clean shaved head. It’s look like she shaved her head before 2 days. She said it’s a vow.

Once she joined after 1 month she mingled with everybody. She invites everybody in her house. So most of them went her house on Saturday, she happily welcome everybody and she arrange small lunch for everybody. Everybody look their house, by the time she gave her marriage album and other photos. Everybody shocked because of her long and shining hair. All of them thought she had midback hair or shorthair, but everything is went wrong. They called Sukanya and they asked why you shaved you such kind of longhair. She said I have already told, that’s is a vow. But they said, no we won’t believe, because, most of the longhaired girls don’t want to shave their head. But you shaved boldly, you had a guts. Is anybody forced you to shave or you really interest to shaved your head.
Then she said her tonsure story, that is, after her marriage, her husband want to Sukanya’s hair. Because he vowed Sukanya’s hair, first she heard about this she shocked and she denied, but he said strictly if Sukanya doesn’t shave her head he will divorce her. So she finally accept and shaved her head, but her headshave she cried a lot. This is happened on 1 year before, but last week she done it again for her wish. Because she prayed if she gets new job. That’s why she shaved her head last week. Also she said, she don’t want to grow her hair long, every year she will shave her head. Everybody shocked and appreciate her decision.