Monday, 29 April 2013

Swathi's head shaved Bald - story

Swathi is model come actress, actually she acted only one movie but it's not went well, so she stopped acting in movies. But she continues her advertisements acts, she had a gorgeous hair. So most of the haircare products are targeting Swathi. She is the successful model for the particlar hair care product. She acted  more than 20 ad's for the hair care product. If other companies also tried to get their products, but they won't let her go to others, they pay lot of money. Swathi also not moving for this reason.

After a year she got married, after her marriage she stop acting in ad's also for her husband priyan's compulsion. The haircare product want shoot a new ad with Swathi, they tried her but she denied. They also quote some big amount for this ad, but she refused act. After this they tried her husband priyan, he is also not interested in this, but they convinced as it's not glamour role, just she show her long hair in the screen and she is wearing saree for this shoot, not more than that. Also it's 1 day shoot. So finally he accepted, but Swathi is not interested this ad. But her husband priyan's compulsion she acted in this ad. This ad also got very well went. The response for the ad is very good.

After 7 months again they tried over phone to Swathi, she said no, but they convince, she said I will not do please leave me, please choose some other model for this. But the ad company is not convinced the whole week they try to rope Swathi. Finall Swathi said, please come to my house, and meet me, I promise you guys won't accept me for this ad, surely you will choose other model. But they said no madam, we are looking you only, anyway thanks for giving appointment, we will come directly and convince you.

Next week they went to Swathi's house, it's big bungalow, maid is come and inform to wait for some time, and she said , Madam will come other 15 mins. They are waiting, by the time Swathi came. They shocked, yes, Swathi is now clean shaven head. They don't have words, mam, what happened to you?, she smiled and said, it's a vow at palani yesterday. That's why I denied this ad. Finally they left the place.

By the time her husband priyan is came and asking, Swathi can you tell me the true reason because I know this is not a vow as you said me also, she smiled and said, yes, I don't want to act anymore in my life time due to our family. But they won't accept the reason so I don't have choice. So for the past one week I am thinking what will they can accept, finally I decided and shaved my head, I had little worry for my long hair, but there is no other option. Anyway they will not disturb me in future. She touches her bald head and said, I don't want to grow my long hair also, I want to maintains very short hair. So If they reach me after one year also I have a good reason.

Her husband priyan is smiled and said, your decision is correct Swathi, because in our family most of them are critsied about you acting in a ad, also most of the problems are raised due to this in our family, so it's end finally with your bald head. You lose your hair but you gain the a peaceful life. Both of them hugging each other.

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